Day 1: 20, Oct 2011 Leaving Larache

Hello all!

As you will know from our last post we went on a trip. It was such a wonderful experience and we would like to share what we can with you. Each day is an extract from one of our journals. Hopefully this will give you a bit of an insight into our 10-day journey.

After a busy Thursday morning we left the madrassa (school) and walked loaded with our luggage to the taxi rank in Larache. The group consisted of twelve girls and our director Hajja Fatimah.

Hajja Fatimah arranged three taxis and we all had a nice drive to the train station in Kasr al-Kabir. Now the trip had definitely started and I was very excited.

The train journey took longer than expected and we arrived quite late in Casablanca. Again we took taxis and drove to Najma Mouttaqui’s grandmothers house, she had passed away a few days ago and so The Shaykh and his family were there. The traffic was horrible, during the drive I felt very scared more then once and the driver didn’t consider at all that most of us were very used organised European traffic, but Alhamdulillah we all arrived safely at the house. We were treated to Moroccan tea and cakes. The whole family was there and each one was so generous and nice. The door was open and friends and family members were constantly coming and going. We recited the last hizb sang a few qasidas, Aunts, cousins and the shaykh were sitting around us and were reciting and singing as well. After a delicious dinner we spent our first night in a big house belonging to a member of the Shaykh’s family.

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