Day 2: 21, Oct, 2011 Good Morning Casablanca!

We woke up at Najma’s Aunts house; it was like a celebrities mansion. It was so neat and had mirrors on the ceiling, for me it wasn’t the average Moroccan house. I slept like a baby!

Lunch was being prepared at the Grandmothers house, Najmas cousin drove us there, it took about 5 mintues. Couscous and vegetables were on the menu. They served so much on big wooden platers. After lunch Shayk Abdulkabir gave us a durs on the Qasida The Beautiful Names from the Diwan of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Al-Habib he also reminded us of how important the the Wird is and said that we should recite it everyday because it would send the Angels to be near us as if they were our friends. For me it was fascinating to hear everything he said and to be taught something I didn’t know. I knew the Wird was important and that it served a purpose, but I wasn’t aware of just how important it is. I feel very fortunate to have met the Shaykh and listened to his talks. I learnt a lot from him.

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