Day 3: 22, Oct, 2011 Mosque Hassan II

Today, two days after arriving in the city and meeting Shaykh Abdulkabir, who by just looking at him transmits a sensation of peace and serenity, we went to visit the great mosque of Hassan II.

Najma, the shaykh’s daughter called enough taxis so that not one us was left without seeing such a beautiful place.

With tones of gold, decorated with emerald green details and tiles with geometrical shapes, pure Andalusian style. It is situated right by the seashore a part of it even rests on the sea. Upon entering you could enjoy the artwork and magnificent architecture with huge columns, domes that seem to grave the sky, stairs that seemed to have no end, velvet carpets and amazing lamps. The wudu areas were in perfect condition, so many people could use it at the same time in order to have the opportunity to pray in that remarkable house of Allah.

While we prayed Magrib the soft voice and sweet recitation of the Imam were heard clearly through speakers and the melody reached the deepest part of my heart, it was a feeling that I will never forget and the feeling being in that place with those people around me, alhamdulillah!

Mosque Hassan II


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