Day 6: 25, Oct 2011 From Casablanca to Meknes

We are all packing up our things and getting ready to leave the Zawiya and Casablanca. What an amazing stay alhamdulillah! Never before did I imagine myself travelling to one single place, staying only a short while and yet gaining so much in knowledge and experience. So, it is on to Meknes shortly, we are just waiting for Dhuhr and then we will leave inshaAllah.

We walked down the ninety-odd steps to make our way out of the zawiya singing “La ilaha ilallah, la iliha ilallah” We had been made to feel so at home by the Shaykh and his family that it was extremely sad to leave. So we said our goodbyes a few of us with tears in our eyes and we set out for the train station a good half an hour walk away laden with bags, what a feeling of adventure!

We arrived at the Zawiya of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Al Habib in Meknes at Magrib after a smooth train ride. We spent the evening in the kitchen with Lala Sulaija the wife of Shaykh Muhammad r.a and the other ladies who live in the Zawiya. They served us mint tea and we recited the last hizb and the wird. Because our trip to the desert has been cancelled we will be staying here for longer than we planned InshaAllah. I really don’t know what to expect from our stay, but it is such a blessing to be here, the place where many of our practices and teachings come from.

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