Day 7: 26, Oct 2011 Fadia’s Birthday

We are a week into our trip and it’s Fadia’s birthday! After breakfast we went for a walk around the city, we reached the souk (market) and although we have been in Morocco for three months looking through the various stalls still attracts us, it wasn’t easy haggling with the stall tender to lower the prices, but we did what we could. The souk was beautiful, big, spacious and very colourful. Upon arriving back to the Zawiya we recited the last hizb and some qasidas.

After lunch we went for an ice cream, we sang happy birthday to Fadia and gave her her presents, which she thanked us for over and over again. We all know that on such a day one misses their family the most, but still the new family that is forming between us girls at the madrassa tried to fill that hole. We continued walking and we got to know the city all agreeing that we loved it.

We returned to the zawiya in time for Magrib and sang a few qasidas before dinner. We have spent the best part of the night the company of the women in the kitchen eating fruit and practicing our Darija. We began to feel tired so we came up to our rooms. To finish the day in the same way that I now finish most of my days I am writing in my diary then I will do the dhikr of Ya Wadud.

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