Day 8: 27, Oct 2011 Laylat al Jumu’a

Our third day in Meknes, with no change to the weather- cloudy, rainy and gloomy; a vast difference compared to the dead heat which we have become accustomed to in Larache. Due to this change in weather, I found myself bed-ridden; and as ill fate would have it there was to be a dhikr at the zawiya that night! Just my luck!

During the day the girls visited the tomb of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Al Habib. One can only imagine the immense Baraka of being in the presence of his ruh, which is undeniably there. “The Baraka of the Owliya is a subtle energy which emanates from the ruh which is pure light. Whoever is near the ruh of a wali, whether it be in his body or in his grave or in a true dream, experiences its Baraka, just as those who stand in the sunlight feel its energy and just as those who dive in the ocean feel its wetness” –Quoted by Hajj Ahmad Thompson.

Naturally, I was gutted not to have experienced this! Although, being in the presence of his wife, Lala Zulaika, and just having the incredibly wonderful experience of living in the zawiya, soon washed away the sorrow I felt…

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