Day 9: 28, Oct 2011 A Taste From Memory Lane

It’s the day before we leave Meknes, so we wanted to make the most of our last day with the women of the zawiya and perhaps go to McDonalds too. We sang a few qasidas and then we did the last hizb and watched one of the ladies make bread, Mmmm… The lovely smell of fresh bread! Time passed by and it was soon time to have lunch. A bit later on we went to the old market. There were so many things to eat and so many colours! On the way back we passed McDonalds and were just too tempted so we all got Mcflurries none of us had had one of those in a very long time! We all finished our ice creams and made our way back to the zawiya.

After dinner and Isha some of the girls gave well-deserved foot massages to a few of the women who had been on their feet all day and they were very much appreciated.

Later we all said good night, went upstairs, finished packing and got an early night for our long journey home.

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