Day 10: 29, Oct 2011 The Journey Home

With the morning freshness and the enthusiasm to begin a new day, we finished packing our bags and went down to the kitchen. The smiles of Lala Sulaija and the other ladies of the zawiya greeted us and breakfast awaited us on the table.

While we waited to leave Lala Sulaija gave a brief durs, where she spoke of the tests and trials of some of the Prophets, she concluded with a du’a. Shortly after, we said goodbye very grateful for our stay and ready to undertake the journey ahead.

Once at the station we hopped on the coach that would take us back to Larache. On the way we began to recite the travel dhikr (taken from the wird of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Al Habib) and to our surprise the bus driver switched off the radio and a few passengers joined in. We also had the fortune of stopping off for a break in the most beautiful place, with more grass and flowers than we had seen in a while, it only added to the sweetness of our journey home.

Finally upon arriving in Larache we all felt we were home again and very happy to be back in the madrassa.


    • Wa alaikum assalam! It begins with 73 ‘Husbanallahu wa ni’mal wa keel’, then the part which begins ‘Ala ya latifu’, then 100 ‘La ilah ilallah’, then the part that follows it and ends with ‘Allah, which is said only once. I hope you are enjoying the blog.

      • Barakallahu fikum!

        What are the conditions for reciting this dhikr? when it is read in travel?

        yes, i am really enjoying this blog, and it has for me a lot of benefits. it is very good work! thank you very much, and may Allah Ta’ala bless this Madrasa and all teachers and students! ameen!

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