Andalucian Singing Lessons

Saturday arrives and at 10 o’clock in the morning we find ourselves, with sleepy faces and without great enthusiasm, getting ready for our singing lesson. We make our way to the conservatoire of music, which is extremely close to the Madrassa. Once at the conservatoire we are greeted by a smiley doorman, who directs us to the classroom.

We greet the teacher; an elderly friendly-looking man and the class begins. While he prompts us and takes us through the music, his powerful voice accompanied by the piano, all together we attempt to follow, many of us often finding it impossible sometimes due to sleepiness, or not being able to understand the teachers writing or simply just being too embarrassed, in which case only our lips move without emitting an actual sound.

Then the time comes to sing individually: our least favourite part but at the same time the funniest. When your turn arrives the teacher gives you a look and you say to yourself “please no” and laugh. Some of us sing and it comes out well, but on the other hand, others try and fail.

The lesson lasts 2 hours, but we get a 15 minute break in between. When the lesson is over we give our thanks to the teacher and say goodbye to the doorman. On the short walk back we sing our new song!

-Nura Hanna Gil Burger

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