Studying Qur’an with Hafidha Naima

Recitation of Qur’an with Hafidha Naima
Nura studying from her board

Hafidha Naima, that is how we address our Qur’an teacher. She has taught us for the past 4 months, although it seems like so much longer. She came one day in Ramadan and introduced herself to Hajja Fatimah. A few others came, but in the end Hajja Fatimah went back to Naima and chose her to be our teacher, she said she had a sweetness and pureness about her. Later Hajja Fatimah told us that she had prayed for years asking Allah to bring the right woman to teach the students of the madrassa and that Hafidha Naima’s arrival was Allah’s answer to her du’a.

Five days a week for five hours each we study Qur’an with Hafidha Naima. She dictates to us the ayats from the Qur’an and then corrects what we have written, afterwards we read it back to her and she helps us with the pronunciation. With our newly written boards we return to our places, but before we go to continue studying she says “Allah help you” and each time that is a reminder that everything is in the hands of Allah. And so we study until we think we have learnt it by heart. Again we go back to Hafidha Naima and recite the ayats to her. She listens very attentively and corrects any mistakes. Her words that are a delight for all to her are then “wash it”. So we make our way to the roof to wash our board, rub fresh clay on it and leave it to dry.

Sometimes when I go to Hafidha Naima to be dictated to I still feel a bit nervous. In the beginning it wasn’t easy for any of us, but with her patience and preciseness we have all improved and it gets better every time. Before being dictating to I didn’t realise that there was such a big difference between some letters that sound so similar and the importance of pronouncing them properly. Dictation is a good exercise in listening carefully and in concentrating. When she checks my board and listens to my reading she corrects even the smallest mistakes, and highlights them with her clear and strong voice. Our recitation as we all study together has been compared to a busy beehive. But even as all our voices merge together into one single sound, Hafidha Naima is able to pick out any mistake one of us may happen to make and she corrects it.

Before Hafidha Naima came to teach us here in the madrassa it was her intention to study fiqh, but then her father told her how much more Baraka there would be in teaching us. I think that everyone who looks at Hafidha Naima can see the light and sweetness radiating from her. We all enjoy her company everyday and I am so grateful to have such a special Qur’an teacher; may Allah give her the best always, reward her for her work in this madrassa and may she be surrounded by Angels, light and baraka, Amin!

Aliyya Nur Lund


  1. السلام عليكم ماشاالله حفتكم الملائكة وتنزلت عليكم الرحمة كما قال النبي صلي الله علية وسلم خيركم من تعلم القران وعلمة (صدق رسول الله

  2. wunderfull description, Aliyya. May Allah bless you and your company, give you success in your quran studies .Thanks for sharing.

  3. i was very happy while reading these words
    i pray to allah sobhanah wa ta3la to keep this project working to have a new generations love and keeping quran for ever
    best regards

    yahya gad
    head of external projects
    awqaf general trust
    united arab emirates – sharjah

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