Testimonials first year 2011-2012

Abdiya Meddings

Listen here


As salamu alaikum,

I am from Seville. The first time I heard about the madrassa I didn’t really think about going, but it was as if it was calling me because everywhere I was the topic of the madrassa came up and more and more I felt like going and now here I am alhamdulillah!

What we have lived here has been incredible and I wouldn’t change it for anything. What I like the most is the ability and the ease to always have Allah present in our minds, in the streets, in the market, when we study, because wherever else you are, no matter how much you try, there are things that distract you. That is why we are here, so that when we return to Spain we don’t lose that constancy.

I know that this is going to create a before and an after in all of us. There is the possibility of returning next year to continue growing as people and to increase in knowledge.

I am very grateful to Hajja Fatimah for making this possible and also to all of the teachers, who transmit something new to us everyday. One of the things that I value most is the companionship that has formed between us, the times laughter that we have had together and having shared this experience with them.

Zaynab Wazzani

All for one and one for all!

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