Testimonials first year 2011-2012

Salsabil Morrison

Zanjabil, Salsabil and Asisa in the doorway of the madrassa

Asisa Nieto



As salamu alaikum, I am Asisa Nieto and I am from Seville. Last year Abdiya Meddings came to my house during the holidays and she spoke to me about the madrassa project. I was in my last year of a-levels and I still wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do the following year. I always had university in mind, but Allah had others plans for me. Since that moment the desire to form part of the madrassa remained in my heart and alhamdulillah it has become a reality.

The six months here in Morocco are almost over and it would be very difficult to describe them in such few words, but I will say that they have been very special in every way; living with the girls, all of the knowledge that we have acquired, the chance to live in a muslim country, everything from beginning to end.

Many people have asked me if I will return next year, but I ask myself the same thing. Until I see what is written for me in respects to coming back I want to make the most out of every second, learn as much as possible and continue to give thanks for the gift that I have been given.

Overlooking Larache

Nura Gil



As salamu alaikum, my name is Nura Gil and I am from Seville. When I heard that there was going to be a group of girls around my age going to study Qur’an in a madrassa in Morocco, I thought that I really should be a part of that group, I really wanted it and ultimately Allah wanted it.

I thank Allah for putting me in this madrassa, where I have enjoyed this wonderful experience full of learning and living with great girls. I know that when I leave that is what I will miss the most, living in the same house day in day out, with all of them. I will miss my team Asisa Nieto and Zanjabil Morrison, cooking with them and going shopping in the market while we have conversations in ‘espanglish’ and in general every moment of living in the madrassa with all the girls.

Of course, someone very important to me here is our Qur’an teacher, who has transmitted the Qur’an to us with such sweetness and love and with whom we have learnt a lot.

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