Qasida The Beautiful Names

This is a recording of us singing the qasida The Beautiful Names from the diwan of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Al-habib. It was recommended to us by Shaykh Abdulkabir, he said that it should be recited like a du’a, with a strong intention and your du’a will be answered inshaAllah.



I have begun with the name of Allah in the first line, For His most beautiful names are a fortress invincible against harm.

In the second, I pray for blessings on the Best of Creation, Muhammad, who was sent with and opening and triumph.

When they begin in the circle of dhikr it is with Your name, oh Lord of the throne, that the reciter starts.

When I am in trouble and my breast goes tight, the lutf  of Allah enters it, coming from where I don’t know,

Especially when I beg Him for worth by His most beautiful and mighty names.

So Allah, oh Merciful, truly I was in poverty, and You are Compassionate, the Lord of creation and the command.

By Your purity oh Pure, oh Peace, oh Safety-giver, oh Protector, purify me inside and outside.

Oh Hard-of-Access, Irresistible, Proud, Creator of the creation, shelter me on the day of reckoning.

Oh Maker, oh Former, I have none but You. Oh forgiving, Compelling, mend the one who has been broken.

Oh Giver, give me what I ask, oh Provider. Oh Opener-of-the-inner eye, the Knower, illumine the darkness of my thoughts.

Oh He-who-contracts, He-who-expands, Oh Abaser, Exalter, exalt my dhikr by making me follow guidance.

Oh Enhancer, oh One-who-humbles, Oh Hearing, Seeing, draw Your veil over the ugliness of my faults.

Oh Decider, the Just, the Latif , Knower of every separate thing that befalls us, we have only You in distress and hardship.

Oh Indulgent, Vast, Utterly Forgiving, Grateful, You do not disappoint the one who hopes for gentleness and forgiveness from You.

Oh High, Great, Preserver, Nourisher, grant us Your certain protection in every difficult event.

Oh All-Calculating, Majestic, Watchful, Generous, who other than You can we hope will be a friend to one who has nothing.

Oh Answerer, Filler of space, Wise, Loving, answer the prayers of the one who, hard-pressed, prays for Your bounty.

Oh Glorious, Raiser of the Dead, Directly perceiving, Reality, by whom we hope, be generous with your all-engulfing generosity.

Oh Utterly Reliable, Overpoweringly Strong, Firm, Ruler, be a protection to Your slave, and protect Him from falling into the captivity of wrong action.

Oh Praiseworthy, knower of each separate thing, oh Bringer-into-being and Bringer-back, Your incalculable giving never ceases.

Oh Life-giver, Life-taker, Self-sustaining, Un-needing, Glorious, do not assign me to punishment on the day of gathering.

Oh One, Self-sufficient, Lord of absolute free will, we have hope in You when the fullness of life becomes narrow.

Oh Determiner, Who-brings-near, Who-puts-far-away, raise my rank, and put far away all who wish me harm.

Oh First, Last, Outwardly Manifest, Inwardly Hidden, Ruler, draw me in to the presence of purity.

Oh Sublime, Benign, Relenting- be generous to us and turn, relenting, to us. Oh Avenger, cut me off from those who are evil.

Oh Effacer-of wrong actions, All-Pitying, Possessor of the Kingdom, You are the Lord of Majesty and gifts- forgive every wrong action.

Oh Equitable, Gatherer, oh Rich, Enricher, enrich our hearts so that they may be rich to overflowing.

Oh Preventer, Harmer, Benefiter, Light, Guide- guide us by Your light to tranquillity.

Oh Originator, oh Continuing, Inheritor, Infallibly-right, All-Patient, give me right guidance in gratitude and difficulties.

We beg You by Your most beautiful names seeking Your approval and lutf in this life and the grave.

And on the day of rising and at the stopping place where creation will be taken to account, oh Knower of secrets!

When the books are taken, and at the arrival, and when we pass over the bridge.

Oh Vast Goodness, give us health in our life-transaction, and this world, and mercy in the two abodes by Your overflowing generosity.

We ask for a seal of goodness, and to be near the Prophet Muhammad, the praiseworthy, in the station of gathering.

May the blessings of Allah be upon him, and His peace without end, and on his family and glorious Companions.

Oh my God, pardon the poet and his family and loved ones, and always veil their wrong actions,

And pardon the reader, and all the Muslims, Praise and thanks endlessly belongs to Allah, my Lord.

بدأت ببسم الله في أول السطر              فأسماؤه حصن منيع من الضر

وصليت في الثاني على خير خلقه           محمد المبعوث بالفتح والنصر

 إذا استفتح القراء في محكم الذكر     فباسمك ياذا العرش يستفتح المقري

إذا نابني خطب وضاق به صدري      تلافاه لطف الله من حيث لاأدري

ولا سيما إذ جئته متوسلا             بأسمائه الحسنى المعظمة القدر

فيا الله يا رحمان إني لذو فقر         وأنت رحيم مالك الخلق والأمر

بقدسك قدوس سلام ومومن          مهيمن قدسني لدى السر والجهر

عزيز وجبار ويا متكبر               ويا خالق الخلق اكفيني أزمة الدهر

ويا بارىء مالي سواك مصور       وغفار يا قهار جبرا لذي كسر

وهب لي يا وهاب رزاق مطلبي      وفتاح أشرق يا عليم دجى فكري

ويا قابض يا باسط خافض العدا     ويا رافع ارفع باتباع الهدى ذكري

معز مذل يا سميع بصير جد          على ما ترى من فادح العيب بالستر

ويا حكم عدل لطيف خبير ما          لنا وزر إلا ك في الضيق والعسر

حليم عظيم يا غفور شكور لن        يخيب امرؤ يرجوك للحلم والغفر

علي كبير يا حفيظ مقيت هب      لنا حفظك الأحمى لدى الحادث الوعر

حسيب جليل يا كريم رقيب من           سواك نرجيه لخلة ذي فقر

مجيب أجب يا واسع يا حكيم يا        ودود دعا داع لفظلك مضطر

مجيد فجد يا باعث يا شهيد با          لذي نرتجي يا حق من جودك العمر

وكيل قوي يا متين ولي كن            وليا لعبد من خطاياه في أسر

حميد ومحص مبدىء يا معيد لم        يزل منك جود ينتحينا بلا حصر

ومحي مميت حي قيوم واجد            ويا ماجد لا تولني الخزي في النشر

ويا أحد نرجوك يا صمد إذا             تضيق بنا يا قادر فسحة العمر

ومقتدر ارفع يا مقدم رتبتي             مؤخر أخر كل من يبتغي ضري

يا أول يا آخر ظاهر وبا                طن وال اجذبني إلى حضرة الطهر

ويا متعال بر تواب جد وتب            ومنتقم حل بيننا وذوي الشر

عفو رؤوف مالك الملك أنت ذو      الجلال والإكرام اعف عن كل ما وزر

ومقسط جامع غني فاغننا             غنى القلب يا مغني لنغنى عن الوفر

ويا مانع يا ضار يا نافع اهدنا          بنورك يا نور وهاد إلى اليسر

بديع وباق وارث يا رشيد يا             صبور أتح لي الرشد للشكر والصبر

بأسمائك الحسنى دعوناك نبتغي         رضاك ولطفا في الحياة وفي القبر

وفي النشر ثم الحشر والموقف الذي      تحاسب فيه الخلق يا عالم السر

وفي حال أخذ الصحف والوزن بعدها       كذلك في حال المرور على الجسر

وعافية دينا ودنيا ورحمة                  بفضلك في الدارين يا واسع البر

وختما بالحسنى مع جوار نبينا             محمد المحمود في موقف الحشر

عليه صلاة الله ثم سلامه                  بلا منتهى والآل مع صحبه الغر

وللناظم اغفر يا إلهي وأهله              وأحبابه واسترهم دائم الستر

وقارئها والمسلمين جميعهم              ولله ربي دائم الحمد والشكر

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