A Letter From Our Wonderful Qur’an Teacher

Our goodbye breakfast with Hafitha Naima

Dear students,

We have spent a gracious time together under the shadow of the noble Qur’an; I give thanks to Allah because he has given me the chance to meet lovely and shining faces like yours. It was an amazing meeting for me, which I will never forget. It is just a nice reminder that learning Qur’an by heart is not something easy to handle, and when Allah helps you to learn it it means that He loves you and He has chosen you for this mission, therefore He has entrusted you and will support  you to provide more and more and to carry on the teaching of Islam and also to get back the Islamic civilisation again. Don’t forget my sisters to spread the awareness of Islamic teaching in your Countries and the globe, because Human kind should and deserves to be enlightened by this source of light. I pray that Allah unifies us to glorify the light that we are walking through.

Last but not least. I hope we are His servants to raise the flag of Islam shining high and to bring the victory of Islam. I pray that Allah makes us the servants of Islam that will one day make the dream come true.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


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