Inspirational women


Muhammed Pura  School

Muhammed pura
near Sindhukalan
district kasoor
tahsil pattoki

nearest large city Lahore

I remember meeting Hajja Surraya Salim many years ago in London a very sweet elderly Pakistani lady with a great love for Allah.

Hajja Surraya  married at a young age and moved to the U.K. after her retirement she would always say I want to do something to benefit the Muslims what can I do.

She posed this question to the late Mawlana Wazanni r.a who,s reply was who established the Al Karaouine in Fez and the great educational and social institutions of Turkey a great majority of them were founded by women

Women are capable of many things you have a lot of work to do.

That started her mind working  and asking herself what can I do alone,  after a lot of soul searching and dua she was taken back to the land of her birth, where she purchased some land in the district of Kasoor near Sindhukalan it is a district with small villages where many of the children had no access to a basic education and many of the women had no access to general health care.

She started by building a Quranic madrassa and clinic for women and conviced some doctors to come in a few days a week to treat the local women for free.

Over the years it has developed into becoming a school for more than 200 children which a separate school for boys and is of great service to the local community. ” she quotes and my fear of being alone I am never alone either in the night or day. Allah (s.w.a) in the most generous.

This was achieved by an elderly woman in her 70s in a rural area of Pakistan where is can be very difficult to anything as a woman. She persevered with all the difficulties her intention was pure she is greatly loved by all the villagers.

Allah s.w.a is the One who give success.

Hajja Surraya’s home and guest accommodation in the school grounds.

Students of Muhammed Pura School

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