Qudra Heron & Maryam Esteve testimonials 2012-2013

Qudra Heron 

بسم الله الرحمان اللحيم

Assalamu aleikum

My name is Qudra Heron I am 15 years old from England born in Norwich.

To be honest when I first heard about the Madrassa I didn’t think it was for me, I was happy with what I was doing in Norwich, I had my friends and my family. My sister was expecting a beautiful baby boy, which I was very excited about and didn’t want to miss anything.

As a surprise for me my mother took me with her to visit the girls at the madrassa. From that week I spent in the company of the girls, I got back to England, and knew that I had to go back the following year. I saw that this was the best place I could ever be.

Although sometimes it is hard to adapt to the life I have here now, I know that this is where I will change for the better. I am also working hard to better my character. Making friends that I will love and have for the rest of my life and I am learning the most beautiful book, that Allah s.w.a sent down to us.

This madrassa is so special and full with light which reminds me that we are doing here is such a powerful thing and I know this experience will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Maryam Esteve 

بسم الله الرحمان اللحيم

Assalamu aleikum

Me llamo Maryam Esteve, soy de Navarra y tengo 16 años. Vine a la Madrassa Sharif Al Wazzani para estudiar Corán.

Había escuchado a mi madre hablar de la madrassa desde hacia tiempo y habiendo acabado mis estudios en España finalmente conseguí venir.

Quería alejarme del entorno que me rodeaba, hacer y conocer cosas nuevas que me beneficiaran así como estar cerca de jóvenes musulmanas, estudiar Corán y vivir en un sitio como marruecos. Mi experiencia aquí esta siendo una de las mejores que he tenido; el estar estudiando Corán esta produciendo en mi cambios beneficiosos y a pesar de las pequeñas dificultades, Allah te hace ver todo mas fácil.

Assalamu aleikum

My name is Maryam Esteve, I am from Navarra and I am 16 years old. I came to the madrassa Sharif Al-Wazani to study Quran. I had heard my mum talking about this project for a while and having finished my schooling I managed to come here.

I wanted to move away from the environment that surrounded me, and also to learn new things that would benefit me. As well to be around young muslim women, study Quran and live in a place such as Morocco. My experience here has been one of the best I have ever had; studying Quran is bringing about beneficial changes in me, and despite the difficulties, Allah is helping me to see things in an easier way.

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