Suleima Pastor & Abdiya Meddings testimonials 2012-2013


Suleima Pastor

بسم الله الرحمان اللحيم

Assalamu aleikum

Me llamo Suleima Pastor Puch. Tengo 14 años y soy de Murillo (La Rioja). Estoy estudiando en la Madrassa de Quran de Larache a la que vine por consejo de mis padres. Yo quería aprender Quran y cambiar a mejor. Mi experiencia aquí esta siendo muy intensa, pero a pesar de las dificultades se que esto es lo mejor para mi.

Assalamu aleikum

My name is Suleima Pastor Puch. I am 14 years old and I am from Murillo (La Rioja). I am studying at the Madrassa of Quran in Larache , where I came through my parents advice. I wanted to learn Quran and I wanted to change for the better. My experience here is being very intense, but despite all the difficulty I know this is the best thing for me.


Abdiya Meddings 

بسم الله الرحمان اللحيم

Assalamu aleikum

My name is Abdiya Meddings, I am 19 years old and from Norwich, England. This is my second year at the Madrassa Sharif Al Wazzani. After the course was coming to an end here in Morocco at the beginning of 2012 I knew that I had not finished my time here. I was loving my Quran lessons and eventually getting somewhere with Arabic Grammar aswell as communicating in the local dialect. I decide I would be coming back for a second year. I am so happy I have although it has been so different. Asisa Nieto and myself help Hajja Fatimah with organising the girls, waking them up (believe me it takes two) and all the other necessary duties of running the Madrassa and the house.

It is so special to see how all the girls are changing and watch them growing up into beautiful young women. How they are taking on this gift, embracing their boards of Qur’an, reciting the Wird of Shaykh Muhammad ibn Al-Habib and the Beautiful Names daily with so much love. Also the necessities of learning to work together in the cooking, cleaning, shopping and running of the house. It is an honour to witness, MashaAllah.

I am enjoying the simplicity of Moroccan life and the spirit of the people. Communicating with the neighbours and show owners makes life here so much easier and interesting. Moroccan will always have a place in my heart, and the Madrassa will always be a home for me.

Hafiedha Naima, our Qur’an teacher, was definitely worth my return. She pushes us to do our best yet with sweetness and patience. We often sit for an hour together just talking, perhaps some tafsir or about an islamic issue. She has so much light which she shares with us all and by her company we are becoming people that share her love of the Qur’an. May Allah always increase us in love of His noble book.

As we are coming to the end our time here, yet again, I am realising just how special it has been and how different the two experiences compare, yet both just as transforming. It is going to be really difficult leaving this year as I believe it is my last, though I trust Allah has something better planned for me inshaAllah. I wish never to stop studying fisibilillah.
I cannot be more thankful to Hajja Fatimah for my time here. InshaAllah one day I can show my gratitude that she deserves.

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