A woman’s essence

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A woman’s essence

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

When I think of a woman, I think of my mother.

It’s someone you have to grow up to be. It’s about knowing how to hold oneself and how to behave as a woman. It’s about being Abel to see those little things that need to be done and you doing it.

When I think of a woman I think of all of the women who have been there when I was growing up, and still are. its someone who is always there for you, always there to help when you or your family is having a hard time.

Someone who is loving, and thoughtful.

Being a woman.

It’s when you are ready to take on certain responsibility be it marriage, household stuff, start a family or what ever one might want to do. In terms of how you might see yourself going forward, Work, study, travel and so on.

It’s about being there for others, even when you might not feel like it. As a woman with the support of family,friends ,and/or community one can decide weather one wants to be a scholarly woman, Political woman or a spiritual woman.

Naiyma Vancooten.

A woman’s essence

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Each woman has her own essence, but aside from that, each of us are a part of the same foundation. 

We are linked by a destiny. We have the same glory, and the same reward. 

We are feminity, that drop of colour, that feeling placed in the right person and the right moment. 

We are cautious of every detail, we are that and much more, but above all, we are creators

Woman is synonym for many things, but among them; strenght, life and hope.

To be a woman means more than a simple word, and goes further a social position, looking for an inexistent equality. Our common destiny,  one of many of them is to bring fort ,give life, to be mothers. We take care, is our nature, to take care of what we love, and those who love us., we are protectors We are the other half of men, the weapons they need to keep the fight. They need us becouse of that. And like this our nature’s way goes on, and the beatiful course of our life. which starts with our being, our essence, to be a woman.

We live for them to live, and slowly ,slowly, we fullfil emptiness in the human kind. We are strong beings. We are Women.

La esencia de la mujer

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Cada mujer tiene su propia esencia, pero a demás de ello, todas y cada una de nosotras formamos parte de una misma base, nos une un destino, una misma victoria, una misma recompensa, somos la feminidad, esa pincelada de color, ese sentimiento situado en el momento y en la persona correcta, el ser detallista, somos eso y mucho más, pero sobretodo somos creadoras de vida.

Mujer es sinónimo de muchas cosas, pero entre ellas; fuerza, amor, vida y esperanza.

Ser mujer va más allá de la simple palabra o de su posición en la sociedad, buscando una igualdad inexistente. Nuestro destino común o el de muchas es dar a luz, dar vida, ser madres. Nos cuidamos, los cuidamos, es nuestra naturaleza, cuidar lo que queremos y aquellos que nos quieren, somos protectoras. Somos la mitad de los hombres, las armas que necesitan para seguir luchando. Nos necesitan por ello. Y así sigue y prosigue el camino de nuestra naturaleza y el hermoso curso de la vida, donde empieza con nuestro ser, con nuestra esencia, la de ser mujer.

Vivimos para que vivan y poco a poco ir completando vacíos en la humanidad. Somos seres fuertes. Somos mujeres.

Surur Sabaté.

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