The Wazania academy was established in 2005 after recognising a real need for the revival of a traditional based Islamic education for young women living in the western world both from immigrant families and families that have converted.


A great many things inspired me the embark on this project the first being a visit I made many years ago to a madrassa for girls in the city of Bursa, Turkey whose inspired commitment, may Allah reward her, kindled my own. Then there was my dear friend  Hajja Suraya Salemm whose madrassa and clinic for girls is such an example of what can be achieved with sincerity and determination. Then last but by no means least, there was my late husband the Imam and scholar, Mawlana Muhammed Wazani, rahim Allah, who always reminded me of the great importance of the education of girls in this age and the great tradition that Morocco still has,  who at the time of his death was  teaching  Qur’an and fiqh and futuwwa  to young men from all the the world in a madrassa in Mallorca Spain which was given his name after his death May Allah be pleased with them all.

Acquisition of the Madrassa

After three years of searching with the assistence of Hajj Mustafa Misimri  who is from Larache, and many duas, we still had not found suitable premises. Time was running short and it was beginning to occur to me that perhaps the Academy was not what Allah s.w.a wanted for me. Then we came upon this interesting old house in Larache, Morocco. But who and where was the owner? Finally, after many delays and much anxiety, the old sharif walked into town from his village carrying a bag of figs as a token of his willingness to enter into negotiations.

Of course it was derelict and had not been lived in for more than 30 years, but as soon as I saw it I knew it was what I had been waiting for, and so I did not hesitate. It was all the more amazing because the old man would not be dissuaded by people who thought he had taken leave of his senses in agreeing to sell to me when there were so many potential Spanish buyers interested in the property who, were willing to pay considerably more than myself. His simple reply was ” I have said the Fatiha with the woman and the matter is sealed”.


We are located in the fishing town of Larache on the North coast of Morocco. Immediately on entering the old gate of the Kasbah you will find the Madrassa close to the renowned Andalusian music school and old Portuguese fort, now a museum. In the same vicinity is one of the oldest mosques of Larache. While the former residence of the last great Qadi of Larache accommodates the Academy building within the Mosque courtyard.


 Our main focus here is the studying of The Quran, which along with Arabic language is compulsory. We also offer French, Art, Music and Andalusian-style Singing.IMG_0722-1

Hajja Fatimah Dennis, director & founder of the Madrassa Sharif Al Wazzani.


  1. As-Sallaaam Awalaikum, this is awesome, Insha Allah I would love to come and visit. insha Allah, Allah will grant me the finances to come. do you have any e-mails that you can e-mail me, and we can keep contact. Here is my e-mail theresa_vargas313@yahoo.com please e-mail me. I belong to the Shadhalliya Sufi Order, my Sheikh name is Muhammad Said al-Jamal ar-Rafa’i he is the Head of the Highest Sufi Counsel in Jerusalem, and teacher of the Dome of the Rock. (al-Aqsa). My name is Rahmah. I would like to become friends.

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