Excursions & Activities 2011-2012

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Madrassas inauguration 2011-2012

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The Students 2011-2012

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  1. It is so heart warming to see the immense efforts that Hajja Fatimah has put into this project fruiting.

    Seeing happy young ladies, enjoying learning, not only Quran, but a life experience, and lots of forgotten skills makes me long for my own daughter to grow up enough to join this establishment, where I would know for sure that she would be in good hands and in good company.

    Congratulations, Hajja Fatimah Denis, for making it all happen. May Allah reward you for all your efforts and hard work.

    Congratulations, Norwich Muslim community, and all the murabetoon for having someone like Hajjah Fatimah to teach our children (including my own step-daughter!) .

    Congratulations young ladies for having the opportunity to learn the way you are doing!!

    Nisreen Elneel-Meddings

  2. Salams, Que Allah os bendiga y les de fuerza y constancia para cumplir vuestros objetivos, Amin.
    Muchos besos desde Granada.

  3. Mash’Allah, it is so moving to see all of you. You all look soooooo well which I am sure you are. You may suspect it but this experience will be something you will carry with you all of your lives. May Allah bless all of you and give you the best in this life and the next and may He bless Hajja Fatima for all of her hard work. Amin.

    Muchos besos a todas!


    PS: Salsabil: your fotos are fantastic!

  4. Salaams to you all. I have been following your blog most avidly, and enjoying every moment, and every photo and every word. As Munira has said, this is a live changing experience, and Hajja Fatima has worked so hard to achieve this outcome, my Him alone. I know several people who want there daughter to study in Larache in years to come. Sidi Mustafa, you had better start building more rooms! Alhamdulillah rabbil alameen. Lots of love and salaams from Hadia.

  5. I have just discovered all these lovely photos of all of you, how wonderful! Congratulations to you all.Zulaikha

  6. Mashallah… Me gusta mucho visitar vuestro blog, y aunque de una manera virtual, poder compartir esos maravillos momentos que vivís en la Madrassa. Si hubiera tenido 10 años menos… me hubiera encantado poder ser también alumna, y aprender las maravillas del Corán de la manera tan bonita que lo estais haciendo vosotras. Consideraos chicas muy muy afortunadas, elegidas por Allah… es una gran oportunidad que no todo el mundo tiene al alcance. Enhorabuena a las hermanas que han hecho todo esto posible! Que Allah os recompense

  7. I admire these young beautiful girls learning about Islam in an healthy environment with smiles on there face. I always want to go out there to studying my seen.
    I am 24 years old, I am a girl and I will love to come and seek knowledge at these beautiful place. Is there any hope for me? Please let me know if there is a chance for me.

  8. assalamuallaikum Hi I am seakh salim from India.I want to say congratulation to all of you. becase all of you read in madarsa in arab.because madarsa is millians better than other collage and schools. because you can’t read about islam.and I am perfactally sure that you can’t sucsess without islamic knowladge. I am very happy because you read in madarsa come from other country.ok God bless you. please don;t mind.

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